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 It’s another Q&A Tuesday, and here’s a question from Gemma: “Hi James, how do you strike a balance and find the sweet spot between no personality – and too much personality? That’s something I struggle with!” That’s a problem for many, especially in the early days of writing for a new business – or [...]

I don’t care what they say. Being a bloke is not plain sailing. To quote Chandler from Friends, “You’ll be all hairy, and you won’t live as long”. Plus, you know…prostate exams. Getting told to “man up”. Putting up shelves. All that stuff. And then comes the biggie – getting sick. You could be at [...]

 It’s another Q&A Tuesday, and here’s a question from Stephen: “Hi James, the last few weeks, your emails have been self-effacing. I’m wondering how effective that is, as most brands focus people on their positive qualities?” Fair question. And the answer is all about believability. (It’s a tactic some might use for evil…but let’s [...]

What’s the most terrifying thing you’ve ever done? Like, eating a live snake? Or bungee-jumping over a tank of narky piranhas? Or watching Miranda Hart on telly? You know – the stuff of nightmares. For me, it’s easy: Flying in a World War II Lancaster Bomber. Still gives me the willies now, 24 years on. [...]

Tis Q&A Tuesday, and we’ve got a question from Phillip: “James, people keep talking about polarisation. I’m not comfortable courting controversy and alienating potential customers, but I don’t want to be boring either. What do you suggest?” Well, as someone who’s more squirrel than shark, I get you. But you don’t have to beat your [...]

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