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A question from Eva, for Q&A Tuesday: “James, I’m a brand copywriter. I want to approach some branding agencies and show them how I can help transform their clients’ businesses. So what are the specific benefits, do you think, of hiring a brand copywriter?” Hmm. This is one of those questions that needs a bit [...]

It’s Q&A Tuesday. So here’s a video to answer a question from Ben: “Once you have identified the avatar of the ideal customer, how do you get into their mindset and begin preparing copy and the angle for them? How do you avoid writing it from your point of view and write it from theirs instead?” [...]

I would say “Happy New Year!” But we both know, it’s pointless. We’d be celebrating a spinning rock hitting a random point in its solar rotation cycle. And that’s hardly cause for donning a paper hat, linking arms with strangers, singing a song you don’t know all the words to, then staggering home stopping only [...]

I’ve just read this amazing article – about that Meghan gal who’s marrying Prince H. Revealing…you might want to sit down for this…why she’s always touching her hair!!! I mean, wow. Like, hold the front page, guys – we got the scoop of the century! Watergate? Pah! This is real news. Let’s all have a [...]

I’m still in shock. To think there are grown adults…people who get to VOTE…who can come up with an ad campaign like “Expando”. I mean…I’m no stranger to taking the piss, but I don’t know where to start with this one. I’ll just say, if you missed this week’s “Apprentice”, go catch it on iPlayer. It’s [...]

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