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I'm often asked "So James, what kind of copy do you write?"

Fair question. But the only answer I can give is "conversational". As long as the style is simple and chatty, there are no other limits.

I'll write for any media and plug any kind of business that I can believe in.

So in this section, I've included a hatful of case studies with copy samples: web pages, sales letters, brochures and press things for all types of clients. They range from consultants and SMEs to national brands, public bodies and charities - so whatever you need, you ought to find something suitable here:

Hidden Hearing: direct mail campaign

Software Alliance Wales: website copy

Space Studios: company brochure

Sport Wales: campaign brochure

VK Direct: follow-up mailer

AHW IT: prospecting letter

Cottrell Park: press release

Keep Wales Tidy: website copy

Now, did you find out what you wanted...?

Yes? Great, give me a call and let's talk about it.

No? Don't panic. Just get in touch and tell me what you're after. I've written for almost 200 clients now, so I'll have something suitable under the counter...

In this section


    Project: Editing and rewriting an annual report. Creating an easy, conversational style for a mixed audience, from internal stakeholders to you, me and the gatepost.


    Project: Direct mail and collateral for a major high street supplier of digital hearing aids. A control-busting campaign that won a Canmol Award from the CIM in Wales.

    Read the Case Study


    Project: Website copy for one of the UK's leading digital agencies


    Project: SEO and copy for a new website, spreading the word for a national charity. Also included training in SEO and copywriting.

    Rebranding and website by AA Media, Codeworks and Folio Typographics

    Read the Case Study


    Project: Consultancy, SEO and web copy for the top Mercedes commercial dealers in Wales. I know a lot about vans, you know.

    Website created by SpinDogs

    View website


    Project: Consultancy, SEO and web copy for an all-Wales IT project. Also included training in SEO, copy and case study writing.

    Additional work: delivering workshops for SMEs, on various bits of copywriting and digital marketing.

    Website created by S8080

    Read the Case Study


    Project: SEO, copy and strapline for an awesome training team. Handover project included training in copywriting and SEO.

    View website


    Project: Ad concepts for a high street and online betting legend, promoting a new opportunity to overseas affiliates.


    Project: Revamping case studies and email marketing - asking local employers to offer placements for IT students.


    Project: Consultancy, SEO and copy for a series of micro sites - promoting women’s entrepreneurship, business incubation and some nifty activities around London 2012.

    Also included training in SEO and copywriting.

    See women’s entrepreneurship website

  • UWIC

    Project: Supporting the marketing team at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Projects included course page copy, a charitable appeal and training to build SEO and copywriting skills.


    Project: Concepts and copy for a series of brochures, web pages, annual reports and info packs - promoting physical activity in the workplace, at home and everywhere in between.

    Designers included Spring Creative

    Read the Case Study


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