No hype. No jargon. No boardroom speak.

Just easy-flowing copy that’s more like a chat with an old friend than a letter to the bank!

Planning a New Campaign?

The gurus are shouting ‘JFDI’. But before you dive in, check this –


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If your last campaign was an epic fail, this is (probably) why

Hey there –

Look, I don’t know you. Yet. I don’t know your business, your goals, and I don’t know what you’ve done to bring in new customers.

But I can tell you why your marketing has likely bombed in the past – because that’s the same for virtually every business on earth.

And it doesn’t matter how good your copy was. If you made this (way too) common mistake, your fate was already sealed.

That mistake being?

Carry on


Maybe you tried one or two things in isolation – like sending a direct mailshot or running Facebook Ads? Or maybe you set up a whole funnel, from ads to landing pages?

Doesn’t matter.

If you were disappointed with the results, chances are it all went pear-shaped in the strategy phase. Meaning, you made the wrong plans…or didn’t plan at all.

See, despite what most copywriters will tell you, copy is not the be all and end all.

The big plan matters more.

Targeting…media…offers…relationship…follow-up…testing…they’re all part of a strategy that matters more than words on the page.

Don’t get me wrong here – copy matters. A lot!

Good copy will bring you more leads or sales than bad copy, every time.

But unless your copy is serving the right plan, I’m sorry – you’re going to crash and burn.

And I’m telling you this because…?

You’ve got a campaign coming. You’re looking for a copywriter. So your next decision could mean boom or bust.

How so?

Well, most copywriters only write to order. They’ll assume the plan is covered, and knock up the words without asking. Then hand you a promo that’s never going to work – because it’s one piece of a jigsaw that won’t fit together.

You can’t let that happen. You can’t be left counting the cost. So –

You need a copywriter who works differently. Someone who’ll map out the plan, then deliver it – as your strategist, writer and project leader, all in one.

That’s how I work for at least 90% of my clients.

Sure, it means my fees are higher than the average bear. And it means my waiting list can grow, from a few weeks to 4 months plus.

But if you’re the type of client I work with, that won’t bother you. Because you’re looking for hefty profits, and you’ll do what it takes.

So, step one. Sign up for a free copy of my new book Before You JFDI. It will steer you through all those big decisions, and give you the bones of a plan.

Then maybe we can talk, and knock it all into shape.


Or if you’re ready for step two, jump in right away. Have a browse below, and see how I can help you one-to-one…

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No hype. No jargon. No boardroom speak. Copy is just a conversation. We’ll take the simple chatty way you talk to real customers, and put it up there on the page. Salesmanship in Print.

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When copy fails, it doesn’t mean the message is all wrong. If the strategy is flawed, the copy is doomed from the start. So let’s chew over your plans and make sure we’re on the right track.

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If you’ve got your own marketing team, you don’t want to pay extra for copy. So wheel me in for a day or two, and I’ll show them the ropes. You’ll be surprised how quickly their writing improves…

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James Daniel

James winning the Canmol Technology Marketing Award 2013, for a control-busting direct mail campaign selling hearing aids

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“Yeah but hang on James – who are you?”

Good question! Here comes the 30 second pitch…

I’m a copywriter first. But with a marketing brain – so you’re getting a strategist who writes. Okay, you might think that should be a given… every copywriter must be marketing savvy, surely? Well, no they’re not. Most are people who enjoy writing, but don’t have the first clue when it comes to putting your message out there.

​I’ve been the ghost writer for three of Britain’s leading marketers. Written campaigns that brought in customers in their hundreds. And maybe…if we hit it off…I can do the same for you – starting with your strategy, then copy. You get the whole shebang.

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People Say The Nicest Things

Phil Terrett Philosophics

It's great to work with an expert who is keen to educate his customers as they go through a very important process. James is thorough, resourceful and a consummate professional. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Dave Dean Riskmonitor

James is professional, keeps his word and is one of the most honourable chaps I’ve worked with. His attention to detail is superb, he ‘gets’ direct response marketing and you won’t find anyone better.

Lynda Dobbie Hidden Hearing

James’ copy out-performed the letters we’d been using for years. Since then I haven’t looked back... James is always there ready and eager for the next challenge – I couldn’t have done it without him!