A swipable idea from that iffy Hoover ad

You’ve seen this ad before, right? The Hoover Christmas ad from the 1950s?

Let’s face it – this ad sucks (pun intended).

Whoever wrote it should be walked through the streets in a hessian sack, while a stern old nun walks behind clanging a bell and chanting “Shame!”

It’s that ‘orrible.

I mean…She’ll Be Happier With a Hoover…it begs the question:

“Happier”, as opposed to what?

A flaming bag of faeces? Toenail clippings? An old yoghurt that’s gone furry?

If so, yeah maybe the hoover wins. But even then, it’s a photo finish.


Look, I’m not trying to be some virtue-signally Mr Enlightened here. I’m not going all Guardian columnist, claiming straight men should pay more taxes and white people eating rice is a hate crime.

No-one calls me “woke”.

It’s just…well, you can’t shrug off this ad as a product of its time. Saying
“You have to remember, it’s from a less progressive age.”

That’s garbage. Even Genghis Khan would tell the ad guy, “Woah dude – WTF?”

Anyway – I mention it for one darn good reason:

Just between us, there is something good about it. And it’s something you can use…

Look again at the headline:

Christmas Morning, She’ll Be Happier With a Hoover.

It jumps ahead to a future event, and describes an outcome.

That’s a good ploy.

Set aside the fact it went so very wrong on this occasion – the idea is sound:

[On Occasion X, Enjoy Benefit Y]

Swipable for anyone, that.

Example: imagine you’re selling a car with all-new safety features. Let’s call it The Wombat, because car names are always that stupid. And you’re targeting the parents of 17-year-old boys.

Here’s your ad:

See what I mean?

[On Occasion X, Enjoy Benefit Y]

Add it to your copy arsenal.

And remember –

Even terrible ads are learning opportunities.

Because sometimes, bad execution masks a solid principle.

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