You Know What? I Hate Talking About Myself!

So Let’s Chat About You First. Me Second…

Yeah – I know, an ‘About’ page should start with me! I get it. But right now, I’m much more interested in you. 

See, (I might be wrong here but) I’ve got a theory about you. So let me share that first. Then show you where I fit in…

Here goes. I reckon you’ve built your business from scratch – am I right? You’ve poured in years of blood and sweat. Gritted your teeth through the hard times, and come out fighting.

So you’re doing well.

BUT – success has a price. You don’t get time off. Never see your family. Even take your laptop on holiday. So your business gives you a lifestyle – but not the freedom you hoped for.

I’m sure you know what I mean. Because every business owner I know has been there.

So Why Does It Happen?

I’m still guessing here. But if you follow the norm, there are two reasons:

ONE – you don’t have a reliable…predictable…flow of new leads dropping into your lap every month. So you’re always chasing around, looking for the next deal.

And TWO – you’re so busy filling the sales pipeline, the rest of your business suffers. Every day, you’re fighting fires – because you don’t have time to fix the underlying problems.

It’s sticking plasters only.

And that’s exhausting. It’s an endless cycle, where you’re always playing catch-up. Probably losing sleep, and getting sick with worry too.

So What if You Could Escape The Rut… and Take Back Control?

If you could fix your sales pipeline, and free up time for the rest of the business. What would that mean?

Shorter hours? Long weekends? Real holidays…?

What the heck, even take the business to a place where you can sell up and retire?

It’ll take work. But it’s doable, with the right plan…and the right people.

You’ll need strategy. Copy. A project manager. And some top suppliers.

And (as if by magic) that’s where I come in…

So Who Am I? And Can I Fix This Never- Ending Problem?

Well, I’m James. And my business card says I’m a ‘Copywriter’. But my clients will tell you, they get way more than words on a page.

Ask Geraint:

Dr Geraint Evans, Marketing Consultant

James gets what business is all about, and when you work with him you’re essentially working with a consulting partner. Unlike most copywriters, he has a firm handle on marketing and stays permanently ‘in the loop’. So his clients get more than a copywriter – they get a consultant who writes copy.

That sums me up pretty well. I’m your copy guy who writes the strategy, finds the talent and runs the project.

And I can do it all right here, from a busy desk in Cardiff.

See, I’m the product of a weird and wayward career: 8 years writing for press and radio… 2 years in direct sales… 7 years in business development… all before training as a copywriter back in 2005, and writing for 200 clients in every niche you can find.

Result: like Liam Neeson, I’ve got “a very particular set of skills”!

So – as Geraint says – my clients get a kind of hybrid: a marketing strategist who’s OCD-level nerdy and analytical…and a creative mind, that’s always banging out new ideas.

Honestly, I’m not much for this trumpet-blowing thing. But in truth, very few copywriters come so well prepared.

Paull would agree:

Paull Newsome Director - Proactive Flat Roofing Solutions

I've worked with lots of copywriters, and some can be difficult to work with. James is different, he’s very approachable, very proactive. The brochure he’s put together for us has been brilliant. He asks very intelligent questions, so he’s solidified our ideas, and going through that process has made a big difference to our offering. We've had some great results.


So the Big Important Question: What Can I Do For You?

And the answer? It depends on where you’re at.

Maybe I can run and write your next campaign. Or look over your plans, and point you in the right direction. Or train you and your team, so you won’t need a copywriter!

You decide. To start, just click a box below…and we’ll see: