Be more Elon…and so what if the wheels come off?

Elon Musk.

The Musk-eteer. The Musk-ito.

What a guy!

He’s pushing back the frontiers of human discovery. And even for a non-geek like me, who’s never bothered with Star Trek, it’s nail-chomping stuff.

And you know the best bit? The leaf we should all take from his book?

He launched his rocket with just a 50/50 chance of success.

For real. He said it himself: “I had this image of just a giant explosion on the pad, a wheel bouncing down the road.” And yet, he still did it.

How nails is that?

(I’ll tell you – it’s well nails!)

I mean, he’d bet the whole farm on this. He was wiling to risk everything…ruin, despair, abject failure. But he went on, because he knew it was possible. And he wanted it, kinda badly.

If you’re looking for certainty in business, go talk to Elon. He’ll set you straight.

Good things come with a smidgen of risk. And great things come with a shedload.

Hey, I’m not saying we should all go nuts. Risk every chip on 32 Red, and to hell with the consequences. But I am saying, there’s always a calculated risk. And the guy I met on a train last week, who wouldn’t trial Adwords because “it might not work” …well, he needs to get over that!

As do you, if you’re holding back. Afraid to run a new campaign, or test a new direction.

So here’s a challenge: do something you’ve never dared to try, to plug your wares. Something that makes you shiver with fright.

Be more Elon, and do it.

Yes, it could all blow up in your face. But what if it soared?

And you know what? If you do it Elon’s way, it’s bound to work in time:

Hire experts, who know their stuff. Show a little faith in them, let them do their thing. Then learn from their results…so whatever happens, it gets bigger and better every time you roll it out.

That’s a teeny little risk, when you think about it.

And the rewards?

Well, you won’t get to Mars! But (‘scuse the cheesy line) you’ll get to boldly go where you’ve never been before…

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