So you’re planning a new campaign? Well…

I’ve got 7 questions to ask you now…before you make your next move

Hey, it’s James –

I know you’re in a rush to crack on with this – whatever it is. A new ad, landing page, mailer, funnel…so you want to dive on in.

But hang on.

I’m asking you to stop and draw breath for a moment.

See, you’re at a critical stage here, where one mistake can spoil the whole campaign. So while I’m not saying you’ll slip up…(How can I? We’ve never met!)…I am saying, thousands of projects fail at this early stage.

So what’s the risk?

The best way I can explain this is, think of The Apprentice. Every week, each team will split into two: a core team and a sub team. The two units will go off and do their own stuff, then meet up the next morning.

And what happens?

They find they’ve got two halves of a project that won’t fit together.

“We were aiming for something different”… “Why didn’t you tell us?”… “You got the wrong idea!”…

It happens every time! And always for the same reason:

They jump in head first. Without proper discussion. Without a clear brief. So the right hand never knows what the left is up to.

RESULT: a trip to that café, for a round of tea and bitching.

Now – I don’t want your campaign to go the same way. But far too many do! So…

Before you speak to a copywriter – whether it’s me or another – let’s stop and run through the 7 decisions that’ll make or break the project. Then turn it into a watertight brief.

It’s all here in my latest book:

Before You JFDI

This is the system I use with all my private clients. The soul-searching we go through, the brief we follow, before a word of copy is written – to make sure we all know exactly who, what, when, where and how.

If you’re new to marketing, I know you’ll find it invaluable.

And if you know your stuff, well…it’ll still spark an idea or twelve, I’m sure.

Take a look –

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  • If you could design your own customers, what would they look like?
  • How will you put your message in their face – and keep it there?
  • Number-Crunching: what can you invest, to turn them into buyers?
  • Everyone gives away free reports – so what can you do, to stand out?
  • How will you tempt them to buy, without resorting to discounts?
  • The funnel: how will you make the sale, and keep them coming back?
  • Plus – how will you know if it all works, and where it can improve?

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