Bernie Sanders – it could still be you

I’m still waiting to wake up and realise, Trump was just a bad dream.

Or, to see Jeremy Beadle rise from the grave and say it was all a big (unfunny, terrifying) joke.

But no. It’s really happening. Donald J Trump will take the oath today.

America didn’t learn from George W that an IQ is a handy asset for your Commander In Chief. So like it or not, The Don will become the 45th President.

It’s real. And we have to accept it.

That is, unless you’re a die-hard Sanders lover.

Yep. On Wednesday, a college-based website called The Tab reported that it could still be Bernie’s day.

How? Ah, well. Yes…there is a small technicality. Trump and Pence would have to die. As would all 100 Senators, and all 435 who sit in the House of Representatives. Oh, and a few other bigwigs too.

But after that…Bernie’s in!

All we need is an explosion on Capitol Hill. (Which sounds like the plot of some god-awful movie, where Adam Sandler is promoted from White House Janitor to POTUS…)

Now clearly, whoever wrote this article is deluded. As are all the cretins who liked and shared it. They are HOPE CLINGERS. Desperately hanging onto their dream, with no thought for the reality that’s staring them in the face.

But if you think they’re a rare breed, think again. There are Hope Clingers everywhere. And some will be your customers.

Pedlars of Get-Rich-Quick tat know this better than anyone. Because Hope Clingers make up their entire market.

Every customer who buys the latest “killer system” has been burnt in the past, buying “KICK-ASS CASH INJECTORS” that brought in diddly squat. But still, they’re clinging to the hope that there really is a way to conjure money out of thin air. So they’ll keep on buying.

Silencing that rational voice in their head with the thought “I think this time, this could be the one!”

The Weight Loss industry works the same way. Reason tells us there are no shortcuts, but the hope-clinging voice says “There must be a diet and exercise plan that lets me veg out on the sofa eating Monster Munch”. And so, buyers keep buying – and denying reality. Because they’re wedded to some impossible dream, just like the Sanders clan.

So what about you? Who are the Hope Clingers in your market?

I’m not saying every one of your customers is away with the pixies. But some are. So what’s their delusion? Usually, it takes the form of “I want to achieve a goal without pain or sacrifice”. Like, “I want an amazing sales letter, but I can’t pay professional rates”. Or, “I want to be seen as the expert, but I haven’t got time to learn stuff”. You get the idea.

So, what do Hope Clingers want from you? And what do you say to them?

Do you give them a reality check, so they go into the sale with their eyes open? Or, tell them what they want to hear…because you need their cash?

I hope you take the reality line. Not for preachy reasons, though. It’s just common sense.

Sell with false hope and you get low-spending, disloyal customers who flit from one supplier to the next, forever chasing the dream. But sell with a dose of reality, and you might lose an easy sale or two…but the sales you make will give you loyal, longer-term, higher-spending customers.

So that’s my mantra for the day: Kill the False Hope, and Prosper. Something to chew on next time you’re writing copy or making a sale.

In the meantime, enjoy the Inauguration Freak Show…

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