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You’ve seen this ad before, right? The Hoover Christmas ad from the 1950s? Let’s face it – this ad sucks (pun intended). Whoever wrote it should be walked through the streets in a hessian sack, while a stern old nun walks behind clanging a bell and chanting “Shame!” It’s that ‘orrible. I mean…She’ll Be Happier [...]

What do these movies have in common? The Wizard of Oz…Back To The Future…Home Alone? Give up? Well, here it is… [DRUMROLL…] They’re all the same story! True. In fact, the first two are identical: A kid who’s cheesed off at home gets whisked off to another world…makes new friends and squares up to a [...]

Bohemian Rhapsody. Some say it’s the best song ever. While others… …actually no, we can all agree – it’s the best song ever! I remember when it first came out in ’75. How it stood apart from the spangly glam rock (and novelty acts like The Wombles). Twas nothing short of “splendid”. And yet…THE CRITICS [...]

Do you remember Mousetrap? The greatest board game of them all. Forget Ker-Plunk! Forget Buckaroo. To hell with Operation. If you were a kid of the 70s, you were no-one in the schoolyard if you didn’t play Mousetrap. While wearing flares. On a space hopper. (At least, that’s how I remember it.) But you know what? Thinking [...]

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