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Psst! Nylons…?

Every spiv in every British wartime movie says it. As a young gal passes by, he whispers out: “Psst! Nylons…?” Then opens up his coat, to show off his wares. Stockings, bananas, and all that other stuff they couldn’t get in the shops. So what? Well, he’d get his customer’s attention with a single word [...]

Happy Q&A Tuesday – Jo’s got a question today: “Hi James – can a big, bold offer hurt your business in the long run, for the sake of getting a quick sale today?” Hell, yeah. We’ve all seen it happen. The trick is, you’ve got to “attack and defend” all at once. And this quickie [...]

 It’s Q&A Tuesday, so here’s a hot ‘n’ frothy question from Deborah: “Hi James – now and then, I have days when I can’t get my brain into gear. Any advice?” Yup. We all get days like this. I call them Blancmange Days, because… Well, watch the video and you’ll see. In 5 minutes, [...]

You know what? I can’t fold shirts. I mean, God knows I’ve tried. But somewhere between the top button and crossing over the sleeves, it all gets mangled. So in seconds, it goes from crisp and ironed to a tatty screwed-up ball. Back to the iron. Start over…and repeat the whole charade on a loop. [...]

 It’s another Q&A Tuesday, and here’s a question from Gemma: “Hi James, how do you strike a balance and find the sweet spot between no personality – and too much personality? That’s something I struggle with!” That’s a problem for many, especially in the early days of writing for a new business – or [...]

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