Copy Tips with a Cheeky Welsh Twist. Yep…You Found the Blog!

Are you a feast ‘n’ famine business? Always frantic, but still only one job away from nothing to do? Your staff might like the downtime…but for you as the owner, it’s not much fun! You’re drowning in work one minute, never coming up for air. Slaving through weekends, and going mad through lack of sleep… …Till [...]

You’re going to think I’m petty. Even a prima donna. Because this week, I disqualified a potential client. Before we’d even spoken or swapped a single email. Why? Because he broke one of the “Daniel Golden Rules”. (See? I warned you it was petty…) But – before you tut “Oh get over yourself James, you [...]

Some urgent advice for you today: Never – I repeat, NEVER – check Facebook when you’re half asleep. I did it this week. And my toes have been curled up in cringe mode ever since. See, my alarm went off. And blurry-eyed, I did my standard zombie thing: grab phone, check Facebook. A friend of [...]

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