Copy Tips with a Cheeky Welsh Twist. Yep…You Found the Blog!

You’re going to think I’m petty. Even a prima donna. Because this week, I disqualified a potential client. Before we’d even spoken or swapped a single email. Why? Because he broke one of the “Daniel Golden Rules”. (See? I warned you it was petty…) But – before you tut “Oh get over yourself James, you [...]

Some urgent advice for you today: Never – I repeat, NEVER – check Facebook when you’re half asleep. I did it this week. And my toes have been curled up in cringe mode ever since. See, my alarm went off. And blurry-eyed, I did my standard zombie thing: grab phone, check Facebook. A friend of [...]

I’ve never done my family tree – but I’ve got a hunch, I’m part vampire. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t go out biting innocent virgins. (I live in the South Wales valleys – they’re pretty scarce in these parts). But I do have good reason for thinking Dracula was my granddad. First off, I [...]

I have to share this email with you, hot from the JD spambox. My reply is below. Big takeaway from this one. From: *********** | ************ [mailto:*******@**********] Sent: Thursday, June 8, 2017 2:01 PM To: James Daniel Subject: Savings Available until 30 June Dear James, Up until the end of this month we’re offering [...]

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