Copy Tips with a Cheeky Welsh Twist. Yep…You Found the Blog!

Ever done something you’re not proud of? I don’t mean as a yoof. We all pulled girls’ pigtails and mocked the boy with the massive nose, didn’t we? I’m not proud of that stuff, but I was young so I forgive myself.  (Plus they both beat the crap out of me, so my conscience is [...]

Want some terrible advice? I mean, gut-wrenching stuff that’ll cost you sales? Okay – go hang out in copy forums. Caveat first: there are some good forums out there. Great ones too, if you know where to look. But most are full of cretins taking advice from semi-cretins…because in the world of the blind, the [...]

Benny and Bjorn out of ABBA wrote a whole bucket of hits. Okay, they’re not my kinda thing. I’d sooner gnaw my own ears off than watch Mama Mia again. But I guess you have to applaud what they achieved. Anyway – someone asked them, years back, how they managed to write one zinger after [...]

My filling cracked yesterday. Years of gummy bears took their toll, and I was whisked off to the dentist’s chair – for 40 minutes of nerve-scraping, jaw-thwacking agony that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Except Michael Gove. And as I sat there, squirming….and thinking “Why bother? I’ll be dead in 50 years anyway”…who should pop [...]

Remember your journey to your desk this morning? Whether you took 3 steps across the landing like me, or spent an hour crawling through traffic…do you recall that vital moment, when you turned into someone else? When you morphed, Kafka-style, into a whole different being? No? Oh. I see. Well, maybe you didn’t change at [...]

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