Copy Tips with a Cheeky Welsh Twist. Yep…You Found the Blog!

What do these movies have in common? The Wizard of Oz…Back To The Future…Home Alone? Give up? Well, here it is… [DRUMROLL…] They’re all the same story! True. In fact, the first two are identical: A kid who’s cheesed off at home gets whisked off to another world…makes new friends and squares up to a [...]

Every tribe…community….collective…has its sacred law. An unbreakable code of conduct – or an oath, sworn by every member. For magicians, it’s “Never share your secrets”. In business networks, “Refer other members”. For hairy bikers, “Don’t steal another dude’s gal while he’s getting a buttock tattoo”. (Probably) And for copywriters? The eternal truth: “The more you [...]

Copywriters will never agree on the eternal question, “what’s the best headline ever written?” – but most would agree, there are some big contenders in this list. Compiled in 1958 by copy legend Victor Schwab, it features all the classics from the early days of direct response…battle-scarred lines that made it through the Great Depression…and [...]

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