Copy Tips with a Cheeky Welsh Twist. Yep…You Found the Blog!

Don’t get too excited by that title – it’s not going to happen. I pitched it, 15 years ago. And hit a brick wall. Y’see…I have a closet alter-ego, as a some-time sitcom writer. I’ve co-written a fistful of shows for BBC Wales, including a TV pilot that drove me to the brink. (That’s another story). [...]

I would say “Happy New Year!” But we both know, it’s pointless. We’d be celebrating a spinning rock hitting a random point in its solar rotation cycle. And that’s hardly cause for donning a paper hat, linking arms with strangers, singing a song you don’t know all the words to, then staggering home stopping only [...]

My spam filter’s on the blink. Must be. Because this week, I’ve been swamped by those emails from “Nigerian Princes” trying to hack my bank account. They’re landing thick and fast now – like 3 or 4 an hour. Just this morning, I’ve had: …A “Prince” deposed in a civil war, with nowhere to hide [...]

If you hear me suddenly wailing in agony…like someone’s thrust a throbbing hot poker through my heart and twisted it with a villainous cackle…tell the Feds, I know who dunnit. Tis my copywriting apprentice. See, I’ve taken an up’n’coming copywriter under my wing. She writes copy…I savage it…she gets mad at herself…I feel bad…and she [...]

Want some terrible advice? I mean, gut-wrenching stuff that’ll cost you sales? Okay – go hang out in copy forums. Caveat first: there are some good forums out there. Great ones too, if you know where to look. But most are full of cretins taking advice from semi-cretins…because in the world of the blind, the [...]

Benny and Bjorn out of ABBA wrote a whole bucket of hits. Okay, they’re not my kinda thing. I’d sooner gnaw my own ears off than watch Mama Mia again. But I guess you have to applaud what they achieved. Anyway – someone asked them, years back, how they managed to write one zinger after [...]

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