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Do you remember Mousetrap? The greatest board game of them all. Forget Ker-Plunk! Forget Buckaroo. To hell with Operation. If you were a kid of the 70s, you were no-one in the schoolyard if you didn’t play Mousetrap. While wearing flares. On a space hopper. (At least, that’s how I remember it.) But you know what? Thinking [...]

Don’t hate me. But I can’t keep away from Britain’s Got Talent. I know it’s a pile of chavvy tat. Modern life’s answer to the Medieval village square, where the local simpletons would eat dung and stick rats up their noses to pleasure the heckling townsfolk. I get that. And I know my life would [...]

Did you hear this? About the London Marathon runner, and the imposter who nicked his place? Twas in all the papers. This runner got through 24 miles. He’d pounded the streets…pushed through “The Wall”…and he could almost sniff the finishing tape… But then, disaster – his label blew away. You know that label they all wear? [...]

Happy Q&A Tuesday – Jo’s got a question today: “Hi James – can a big, bold offer hurt your business in the long run, for the sake of getting a quick sale today?” Hell, yeah. We’ve all seen it happen. The trick is, you’ve got to “attack and defend” all at once. And this quickie [...]

You know what? I can’t fold shirts. I mean, God knows I’ve tried. But somewhere between the top button and crossing over the sleeves, it all gets mangled. So in seconds, it goes from crisp and ironed to a tatty screwed-up ball. Back to the iron. Start over…and repeat the whole charade on a loop. [...]

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