Here it is – The Big Ass Important Page: How to Get in Touch

Hey, so you want to reach out and contact me. That’s cool. Let me show you how.

To discuss copy or strategy for a new project

Head over here and answer a few questions. If I think I can help, we’ll jump online for a free 20-minute Discovery Session. Then, see where it takes us…

To discuss training

Click here and tell me what you’re looking for…

To send me real actual stuff (pressies welcome)

Write to me here:
James Daniel – Copywriter
EarthMonkey Media Ltd
Sovereign House
Sterling Drive
Rhondda Cynon Taff
CF72 8YX

To pester me with spam and nuisance calls

You know what? Don’t bother. I’ve got a team of special goblins who shield me from this stuff – so I don’t take unsolicited calls, and every sales pitch in my inbox gets deleted before I see it. No point trying.

BUT – if you rely on this type of trashy scattergun marketing, I can help you find real leads. To start, sign up for my 10-step email course on planning a new campaign: Before You JFDI. Get it here.

And finally –

To get in touch for a non-spammy reason

Call my office on 0845 643 6261
Or email


James Daniel: Copywriter
EarthMonkey Media Ltd
Registered in England and Wales 6183868