Writing your own copy? I can still lend a hand…

OK, maybe you love writing? Or your budget just won’t stretch to little luxuries like me? Or your boss is hell bent on getting you to shake your creative thing?

Right, fine! So you’re not gonna hire me. I get it.

Don’t rub it in!

But you know, I can still pitch in. Send me your copy and I’ll send you back a full critique – all on video, so you can pick my brains without leaving your desk.

Your vid will pull your copy inside out and back to front. I’ll ask you for some background first, so I know what you’re looking to do…then I’ll give you at least half a dozen nifty ways to punch up the message.

If I can’t do that, heck my time is free.

Free I tells ya, FREE!

For real. Just give me a shout first, and I’ll get onto it.

To get you started, here’s a sample – a website review for Business Network Wales:

If you’re ready for the same treatment, click the button below – then email me a file or link for critique, and tell me what the goal is.

I’ll take a look – and if I can show you improvements, I’ll give you a fixed fee. Deal?

Get Critiqued!