No hype. No jargon. No boardroom speak. Copy is just a regular conversation. Like this.

I Need Your Help, James…Can We Talk?

If you’ve ever read my book, Do You Talk Like That At Home?, you’ll know I only write conversational copy. Nothing else.

I don’t do bullish “killer copy” that feels like you’re yelling in the customer’s face. And I don’t do the formal stuff, that makes you sound like a corporate robot. Because no-one talks like that out here in the real world.

It doesn’t matter who you’re selling to. Doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Test after test has proven, this simple chatty style you’re reading now is always the way to go.

If that’s the stuff you’re looking for, maybe I can help. Here’s how….

Direct Mail

Forget that know-all in the office who says “Direct Mail doesn’t work because I just throw it away!”

A well-targeted, well-timed, well-written mailer is more powerful now than ever. Because you can target customers better than ever before…and hardly anyone does it, so you get to stand out on their doormat. While your competitors fight for attention on a computer screen.

Believe me on this. Over 1 million copies of my sales letters hit the post every year. And they wouldn’t go out if they didn’t bring in leads. Consistently.

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It’s getting hard these days to get your email noticed. But get it right, and it’s the best…most profitable…marketing widget in town.

It’s all about Permission and Trust. Getting the customer to give up their email address, so you can send them heaps of useful info – breaking down their defences before you wade in with an offer or three.

So tell stories. Give warnings. Share tips and tools. Become a part of their life, through daily or weekly emails they’ll actually want to read.

In time, they’ll know you. Like you. Trust you. Feel sure you can help them. So they choose you – and only you – when they’re finally ready to buy.

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Web Pages

Now there’s a catch-all term! “What makes a good web page, James?”…um, it kinda depends.

A home page needs to draw users deeper into the site. A product page needs to list benefits and answer common questions. A squeeze page needs to grab contact details, via some kind of bribe. And an upsell page needs to entice as much as any mailer.

It all depends on where it comes in the customer’s journey. There’s a time to give, a time to tell, and a time to sell.

So let’s start by mapping out the whole experience…then look at the copy that moves them through the funnel.

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Lead Magnets

A few years ago, just a handful of businesses gave away free reports (or “Lead Magnets”). They knew it was the best way to get a customer’s email address.

But now? Yikes! Everyone’s doing it. Offering crappy little tip sheets that promise the earth and deliver nothing. So if you want people signing up, you’ve got to try harder. Much harder.

You’ve got to help the customer solve an urgent and specific problem that no-one else is answering. While showing off your expertise, and moving them one step closer to buying.

It’s a tough cookie. So most Lead Magnets fail. But there is a method…as you’ll see if you check out the samples here.

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Video Scripts

Video used to be optional online. Now it’s pretty much essential. Stats show, it builds trust, keeps visitors on the page and brings a better response.

But which type of vid is right for you? Talking head? Animation? Scribbly whiteboard?

It depends. On what you’re selling. On who’s buying. On what you want them to do. So let’s take a look at your goals first.

Then I can prep the vid – writing the script, and getting it produced for you if needed.

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The Whole Funnel

A single piece of copy rarely does the job. One mailer, or one email, or one landing page, whatever…it works when it’s part of a funnel. A whole sequence.

Reason: it’s easy to ignore one message. But when you’re bombarded, with an offer coming at you from all sides, you start to notice.

An ad pops up, reminding you about that email you closed. Another email lands, telling you to keep an eye out for a letter. A brochure comes through the mail, with a link to a landing page. Ignore that lot!

I’ll design the whole funnel for you. Write the copy too. Even get my ‘A Team’ to set it up, so it all runs in the background

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