Demons and Dragons and Dwarves (oh my!)

“Game of Thrones”.

You’re either in, or you’re not.

You’re a part of the cult – or you’re a dissenter, bragging on Facebook that you’ve never seen it.

Me, I resisted it. For years. Till 3 weeks ago. But since then, I’ve seen all 67 episodes – hardcore binge!

Trouble is, in that short time, it’s taken over my life. I see zomby dragons and vast Targaryen armies in my sleep. And I’ve been waking up, wanting to skip work and get my next fix.

I’m an addict.

But now –

After 2…3…4…episodes every night, I’ve got to go cold turkey. Season 8 is over a year away, and I think I’ll go mad waiting. By the end, you’ll find me with a dead stoat round my neck a la Jon Snow. Or worse, pulling a Cersei and walking through town with all the wobbly bits hanging out.

We don’t want that. But addiction can do that to you.

Speaking of which…

Are your customers addicted to you?

Are they as hooked on you as we all are on G.O.T.? Do they need you, like helpless little junkies clinging to you for a fix?

If not, there’s trouble brewing.

Because, addicted customers give you a solid business. Certainty. Continuity. A chance to launch new products, knowing there’s a ready audience who’ll buy within seconds – and if needed, kill each other in the stampede.

But non-addicts? They’re crap customers. They’ll leave you, soon as someone cheaper comes along with a newer, shinier thing. They ain’t hooked, so they ain’t loyal.

So how do you win their loyalty?

That’s more of a book than an email. But here’s 3 easy ways:

1 – Send regular emails. I send one out every Friday, but I skipped a week back in July, when we had a death in the family. And I got a barrage of emails saying “Er James, WTF?”

(See? Addicts!)

2 – Over-deliver. Your competitors make promises, and fall short. So just doing what you say is enough to impress. But doing that little bit more…throwing in the odd extra loaf to make it a Baker’s Dozen…that makes you kinda special.

3 – Double the hooks. A good one, this, from Dan Kennedy: make them need you on more than one level.

Alcoholics start out needing a drink at the end of a rough day….then they need it to face the day…so they double their addiction, and stopping gets way harder.

In the same way, get your customers hooked on you for more than one thing. Be their go-to for a second service, then a third – and they’ll struggle to leave.

There’s a fourth way too – the G.O.T. way – “be unbelievably good!”

So good, your customers headbang the table in disbelief, with every instalment.

We should all do that – and make the cold turkey painful as can be. But few of us do.

Food for thought.

Oh yeah, and…Dracarys!

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