Their heads’ll pop like gremlins in a microwave

You’ve seen that bit in Gremlins, yeah?

Where one of the evil critters gets stuck in a microwave…and a few seconds later…

Ping! Its head explodes.

(Great, innit?)

I was thinking about it just now. And wanted to share it with you. Because…you should be giving that gremlin treatment to your customers!

Okay, not literally. Don’t lock them in an electromagnetic box. And defo don’t wipe them out with a radioactive ping.

There are laws. Plus, your continuity income would take a hiding…

No, I mean give them the gremlin treatment in spirit. That’s all.

Isolate them. And zap them with a message that makes their blood boil over. (But stop short of the head explosion. I can’t stress that enough…)

See, as you’ve heard a gazillion times, we buy stuff when we feel something – a strong emotional pull.

Anger. Jealousy. Resentment. A lust for revenge or justice. Bitterness. Outrage. EXASPERATION!
The stuff that boils the blood so high, it all but blows yer head off.

So, do that. Isolate them…and make them feel stuff. With copy.

In other words –

Get them to a place with no distractions. Not social media, with all its cat vids and other shiny stuff. Get them onto an email list – or send a letter. Now you’ve got their attention.

Then, hit ’em. Hit ’em hard.

Whatever they feel already, make ’em feel it more. Wind them up, stir them into a frenzy…emotional overload. Till the feeling rushes to their head and spills over.

Then? Offer them something. (Quick – before their blood pressure drops!)


That’s it – you got sales.

Want some help with that?

Cool. I’ve got a new slot opening up soon. Just answer a few questions here…and who knows? Maybe we’ll talk next week.

In the meantime – no eating after midnight. (And watch out for the stripy one…)

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James Daniel

You might not know who James is...but you've probably read his copy. Through high street clients like Hidden Hearing, or big gun marketers like Jonathan Jay and Chris Cardell. His words are out there, pulling in new business every month. What else? Well his books, Do You Talk Like That at Home? and Direct Mail 101 will help you squeeze out more sales. Oh yeah - and his next book Before You JFDI will help you plan your next campaign. Get on the list for a free advance copy here.

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