Right! You’ve heard me bang on about copy. Now how about some proof?

No problem. In the last 12 years, I’ve written for over 200 clients. Selling hearing aids, vacuum cleaners, golf clubs, events…even an industrial safety harness.

(Yep, I’m adaptable!) ​​​

Of course, I can’t show you everything now – we’d be here all week. So I’ve picked out a few dozen samples for you to chew over.

Quirky letters. Chatty emails. Funky brochures. And web pages that’ll make your hair curl. It’s all in here to enjoy.

BUT – I can’t share this publicly

Hell, no. See, some of my clients are nervous. Understandably so.

They’ve invested in their copy…developed winning promos.

They don’t want it shared on a regular web page, for all to see and swipe.

They want to limit access to a few discerning eyes: the people who are deadly serious about working with me.

So – I’m asking you to register here, to access The Copy Vault. Add your details, and I’ll send you a link. Plus some emails to help you decide: “Is James the right choice for me?”

Get access to The Copy Vault here

Not bovvered? Well let me tell you what’s inside…

You’re going to see:

  • The hearing aid letter that got a ‘YES!’ from 8% of customers
  • The control-beating mail series that won a CIM award
  • The email sequence that brought in sales worth £96k in 8 days
  • The “Hire Me” letter, that’s been showcased around the world
  • The “Easter Bunny” letter to parents, that got a 9% uptake
  • The “Traffic Warden” letter that’s been wowing marketing legends
  • The daily emails that filled a marketing agency’s order book
  • The “Dustmite” Mailer that stopped a copy god in his tracks
  • The “Lottery” letter that injected a bit of fun into roofing
  • The sell-out event letter I wrote with the UK’s leading marketer
  • The mastermind funnel that made over £150k in month #1

It’s all in there – and more. Letters, brochures, emails, landing pages…if you’re a copy geek like me, you’ll want to print it all off, lay it on the floor and make a copy-snow angel! (Which is fine, by the way – no-one’s judging).

“Yes James – let me in. I can’t wait another second!”

Remember – you’ll also get some emails, to help you decide if I’m the right copywriter for you. But don’t sweat it, your details stay with me and you can opt out at any time.