Before we charge ahead with copy, let’s take a deep breath… and ask “Where are we going?”

I Need Your Help, James…Can We Talk?

Every day, businesses waste millions on copy. Not because the copy itself is good for nothing – but because it’s written without a sense of purpose. 

I see it all the time. The copy gets commissioned on a whim, and the copywriter dives in head first with questions left unanswered.

Seriously, this is a scary level of Inept.

Take direct mail. Whole mailing packs get written before the offer is finalised. Before the list is bought. Before the follow-up system is mapped.

So the whole sales machine is a mismatch, like two cars welded together. The best it can do is rattle along, picking up sales where it can…when it should be running smoothly, scooping up customers en masse.

Let’s not make that old mistake. Let’s do strategy first.

Here are some points we’ll cover, to get you on the right track:

  • TARGETING: who are you selling to, and how do we get you “in their face”?
  • POSITIONING: what sets you apart, when everyone claims to be Number One?
  • OFFERS: how to entice, without slashing margins and selling to penny pinchers?
  • BUDGETS: how much is a customer worth, and what should you pay to find one?
  • FUNNELS: what’s the journey, from suspect to lead, to sale, to repeat and upsell?
  • TESTING: how to find the best version of your copy…and know it when we see it?
  • AUTOMATION: how to build an autopilot, so all this runs in the background?
  • AND MORE: I’ll fire questions at you, till we agree a solid plan.

Ready? Let’s pull your strategy together – in 3 easy steps

STEP 1: Click here and apply for a free DISCOVERY SESSION
I can’t offer this to everyone, because I’ve got mouths to feed. So I’m asking you to spend 5-10 minutes on an application. This will show me you’re serious, and help me see if we’re a good fit.

STEP 2: We’ll hold the DISCOVERY SESSION via a video link
This is a 20-minute call, so we won’t be getting into minute detail here. I want to look at your high level goals, and get a feel for what you’re going to need. Then if we hit it off…

STEP 3: We’ll set up an intensive STRATEGY SESSION
This is the bit you pay for! It could be a few hours or a whole day – at your place or online. We’ll get into the numbers, look over your marketing, sketch out some ideas. Then I’ll take it back to my desk, and work up a Plan of Attack.

And after that?

Well, who knows? If we both think it’s the right call, I can write the copy for you, and run the project too. So you can crack on with running the business, and sort out all those other problems you’ve been putting off…

But all that comes later. Today, all you have to do is apply for your DISCOVERY SESSION. Hit the button now, and you’ll be taken to a short questionnaire.

Fill it in. And I hope we’ll be talking in the next few days.