Do Not Feed The Dinosaurs – they’re in it for the hunt

Remember that goat in Jurassic Park?

The one in the first movie, tied to a stake…offered up to the peckish T-Rex as an afternoon snack?

Poor goat. I mean, Goat Vs T-Rex – it’s hardly fair. It’s like throwing Syd Little into the ring for 10 rounds with Tyson Fury.

And it was futile anyway. As the dino expert said, the T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed some passive goat on a stick. He wants to hunt it down. So, better to give the goat a head start…let T-Rex count to 100…and let battle commence.

Don’t you think?

Anyway – park that for a sec. I have my reasons for bringing it up, and all will be clear anon…

See, this week, a friend asked me that cheesy old question, “Hey James, what would you do if you won the lottery?”

He rattled off his wishlist. The big house, the fast car, the helicopter, the weekend place in Magaluf…then asked me again: what would I do?

And my answer: I’d hate it.

Okay, not at first. I’d have the blowout, the 200 foot telly…trade in the pogo stick for a Bugatti Veyron…all that stuff. But I couldn’t put my feet up and retire. I’d go mad.

Because like the T-Rex, I don’t want to be fed. I feel this need to “hunt”.

Meaning…yes, I want the good things in life. But it all means nothing unless I earn it for myself.

Maybe you’re the same?

Mind you – when I say “earn it”…just to be clear…I mean “earn it my way”. Because that’s where it gets rewarding.

Do you know what I mean?

No? Well think of the T-Rex. He wants to catch the goat, right? But he’s got to do it his way. He won’t be happy if he snares the goat’s tail in a mousetrap. Or runs him down with a moped. Or bags him in a butterfly net.

No. He wants to use his T-Rex talent of stomping through the undergrowth in a terrifying pursuit, then ripping Mr G to shreds with his savage dino gnashers.

That’s his thing. He’s good at it. And if he doesn’t get to do it, he is unfulfilled.

That’s what I’m driving at.

I want to feel, at the end of a work day, that I’ve earned my gummy bears. So if easy money lands in my lap…or I let my standards slip…well, all the cash in the world won’t fill the void of “could do better”.

But that’s just me. What about you? Are you with me on this, or not?

…Are you a lazy goat-guzzler – happy to gnaw on whatever they put in front of you?

…Or a hunting T-Rex – hungry for the rewards, but strictly on your terms?

You’re the T-Rex type if you relish…and devour…every task. Using YOUR talent…YOUR rules…YOUR methods…to get the job done as only YOU know how.

That’s the T-Rex way. So my mantra this week is –

Be more T-Rex.

Ruthlessly efficient…uncompromising…stomping on convention…

…And scaring the living hell out of every competitor!

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