Copy Tips with a Cheeky Welsh Twist. Yep…You Found the Blog!

Every tribe…community….collective…has its sacred law. An unbreakable code of conduct – or an oath, sworn by every member. For magicians, it’s “Never share your secrets”. In business networks, “Refer other members”. For hairy bikers, “Don’t steal another dude’s gal while he’s getting a buttock tattoo”. (Probably) And for copywriters? The eternal truth: “The more you [...]

Well – it’s been a year. On this day, June 8th 2017, Terri May chucked away Cameron’s majority…losing her authority with three poisonous words: “Strong and Stable”. Where did it all go wrong? Why did no-one believe her? I guess, lots of reasons. With “being crap” in the top two or three. But – There’s [...]

Remember “Pantsman”? The worst idea ever to come out of The Apprentice. I thought I’d forgotten him. Banished him to the dark side. But for reasons I’ll tell you anon, he’s popped back into my head. Remember this? The team was branding a brekkie cereal. And Philip, a surly estate agent with one brain cell [...]

“I Wanna Be a Polar Bear!” The best Eurovision song ever was a winner for Israel in 1978…turning 40 this year. Okay. It turns out, the song is actually called “A-Ba-Ni-Bi”. As in “A-Ba-Ni-Bi O-Bo-He-Bev”. But when you’re a wee dot, it sounds like “I Wanna Be a Polar Bear”. See for yourself: Anyway. That’s my way [...]

“This parrot is no more!”…“It has ceased to be”…“Bereft of life, it rests in peace. If you hadn’t nailed it to the perch, it would be pushing up the daisies!” I promise, I’m not a Python Nerd. I’m not one to spout “What have the Romans done for us?”… “No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition”…and “We [...]

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