Copy Tips with a Cheeky Welsh Twist. Yep…You Found the Blog!

Copywriters will never agree on the eternal question, “what’s the best headline ever written?” – but most would agree, there are some big contenders in this list. Compiled in 1958 by copy legend Victor Schwab, it features all the classics from the early days of direct response…battle-scarred lines that made it through the Great Depression…and [...]

Psst! Nylons…?

Every spiv in every British wartime movie says it. As a young gal passes by, he whispers out: “Psst! Nylons…?” Then opens up his coat, to show off his wares. Stockings, bananas, and all that other stuff they couldn’t get in the shops. So what? Well, he’d get his customer’s attention with a single word [...]