You don’t have to believe me. Just ask my clients and people I work with…

This is where I bombard you with clients and collaborators, saying “Wow, James is awesome!”

Sitting comfortably? Here goes…

Richard Baker CEO - Sequence

James is resourceful, insightful and customer-focused. He produced sharp, fluent copy to match our in-house style…a first-rate copywriter who can put over the most complex ideas in simple language.

Gavin Hill-John Managing Director - VetProtect

My blog journey would never have left the house if it wasn't for James. The articles he has helped me with get 3 times as many views as my own. James not only knows how to write, he knows how an audience likes to read.

Lynda Dobbie Direct Marketing & Database Manager, Hidden Hearing

I first contacted James in 2012 – we had just made a considerable investment in software and needed help reviewing our current direct marketing messages. It took 6 months to come up with a strategy that we could test but when we rolled it out, James’ copy out-performed the letters we’d been using for years. Since then I haven’t looked back and still use James on an on- going basis – it never stops and James is always there ready and eager for the next challenge – I couldn’t have done it without him!

George Savva Managing Director - It Takes...7 Seconds

James Daniel is one of the most talented written communicators I have ever met...there are many people in the business community here in the south west UK who have experienced burgeoning order books shortly after James’ magnetic words appeared in print.

Jessica Lee Morgan Managing Director - Space Studios

James is a master of his craft. He doesn't just write good words, he knows what presses the buttons of your target audience. Even if the job requires three words, he'll know the three best words to choose!

Linsey Cole Development Manager - University of East London

We decided to work with James to develop our new entrepreneurship website after hearing him speak at a conference. Throughout the whole process, we were pleased with his professional and first-class service. The copy provided grasped our key messages and crucially, was closely aligned stylistically to our earlier marketing materials. We are continuing to use James as a sounding board for how best to use the web to promote our offer. If we need to develop new copy in the future, I will be picking up the phone!

Paul Harrison Digital Marketing Strategist

You’re a world class copywriter, JD... your thoughts come completely out of left field!

Michael Howell Managing Director - Spring Creative

James is an expert online marketeer and a superb copywriter and project manager. He does all this with great attention to detail and most importantly a fully developed sense of humour! When James is involved my job as a designer becomes far easier so I hope to be working with him on many more projects in the future.

Marcelle Llewellyn Managing Director - Call Catchers

I had no idea James would be able to re-write the copy with such in-depth knowledge, portraying exactly what I needed, and with a hint of humour! We only had a quick chat on the phone, and he managed to transform my printed image...I have no hesitation in recommending James' expert service.

Alan Davies Managing Director - Junction 31

James is a top-notch copywriter. He captured the brief quickly, articulated clearly and produced excellent copy for online and offline media. He also brought a willingness to discuss and challenge thinking in a manner that helped to develop my project. A good guy to work with.

Phil Terrett Philosophics

It's great to work with an expert who is keen to educate his customers as they go through a very important process. James is thorough, resourceful and a consummate professional. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Bethan Davies Senior Corporate Development Officer - Sport Wales

A great person to work with. James has brought a refreshing new style to our literature, which is helping us to engage with new audiences

Dave Dean Riskmonitor

James is professional, keeps his word and is one of the most honourable chaps I’ve worked with. His attention to detail is superb, he ‘gets’ direct response marketing and you won’t find anyone better.

Dr Jon Warner Managing Partner - Ready To Manage

James approached the task with a high degree of professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness. This included writing or re-writing several documents, where his clear skill in producing very readable and lively copy was always evident. We would have no hesitation in recommending James Daniel’s work and will undoubtedly use him again.