C’mon, ride the Meghan Bus to the bank

I’ve just read this amazing article – about that Meghan gal who’s marrying Prince H. Revealing…you might want to sit down for this…why she’s always touching her hair!!!

I mean, wow. Like, hold the front page, guys – we got the scoop of the century!

Watergate? Pah! This is real news. Let’s all have a day off work to enjoy it.

Okay, look. I don’t get the royalty thing. I’m not one to bow like a humble peasant, or dress up like a loveable cockney Pearly King and wave flags outside the palace yelling “Gawd bless yer, ma’am!” (while playing the spoons on my knees to the tune of Knees Up, Mother Brown).

It just ain’t me. So I don’t get the fascination.

But, some people do. In fact, millions do. So the press is giving them what they want.

And it’ll get worse. You can bet, next year, we’ll be getting…
…Cornflakes or Shreddies: what does Meghan have for breakfast?
…Who does her hair?
…What’s that stuck in her teeth?
…Who’s her favourite Ninja Turtle?

It’s coming. A full-on Meghan Assault, till she’s the last thing we see when we fall asleep and back in our faces come morning.

So if you want to grab some free publicity…think on. You can play on the media’s obsession, and get in the spotlight.

How so?

Well – most businesses that try PR go in with their own agenda. They’ll send out a press release that’s all about their thing. And it bombs. Because the press don’t want to cover their thing. They’ve got their own thing – their Meghan, their topic du jour – and they want to talk about that.

So, whaddyado?

Tag your story onto their obsession.

See, journos are getting bashed by their editors every day, told to find new angles on pet topics. So hand them a ready-made story, and you’re in.

Boom – free publicity.

Let’s say you’re a wedding supplier. Meghan Mania is a gold rush:

Sell cakes? Find out what flavours she likes, and give journos a Royal Recipe! Sell dresses? Look at her style, and make a prediction – Guess The Dress! It’s all pointless tabloid tat, of course. But it’s still free exposure!

And you don’t have to be a wedding supplier. We can all get in on the act –

Fitness Coach: Get a Body Like Meghan.
Mortgage Broker: Find a Starter Home Fit for a Princess.
Proctologist: …well, you get the idea.

There’s a Meghan angle for everyone.

So there it is – my Meghan’s Hair PR Trick. Yours to suck and see.

Chew it over, and tell me…what’s your angle?

FOOTNOTE: this is more than a Meghan thing. Every media outlet has their list of stuff they love to cover. Like the Mail’s obsession with Brexit, property and pensions…tie into any of that, and you’re laughing.

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