Why not write your own copy? It’s way easier than you think…

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Contrary to myth, good copywriters are made – not born.

True, some people are comfy with this whole writing lark while others cringe at the idea of picking up a pen. And it’s true that top copywriters spend years – decades – honing the craft.

But still, anyone (yes anyone) can learn to write better copy.

And making the breakthrough only takes a few hours in the classroom.

My courses can be tailored for whatever you need in-house. Usually, we’ll open with the basics of conversational copy, plus essentials like grabbing attention, structure and persuasion. Then we can go into detail on your topic of choice, like direct mail, web copy, emails, PR or whatever.

To quote one recent attendee: “I have never had this explained to me so clearly – I learned this at University and the teachers just wanted to use big words to explain it – I didn’t get it first time round.”

Just pick and choose your modules. Then let’s have a chat…

Copywriting Basics

A good foundation for your training day. This first module includes:

  • Writing in your customer’s voice (the real one – not the work voice)
  • How to keep it clear and simple, so reading is never an effort
  • The Grammar Reboot that will send your old English teacher on a rampage
  • 10 traps to avoid if you want to win a Plain English award
  • How to build a message around your customers’ dreams and nightmares
  • Using the reader’s frame or reference as your ‘jumping off’ point
  • Segues and sub-headings that keep your message flowing
  • How to stop yourself from falling back into old habits
  • Laying out your message for maximum response

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Direct Marketing Copy

Learn how to pick out and hunt down a prospect, mixing online and off:

  • Picking a list of people who want your stuff, and have the cash to buy it
  • Finding the emotion behind the buying decision
  • How to relate your widget to the reader’s big passion in life
  • The 5 essential elements of every message that sells
  • Writing headlines, sub heads and bullets that pick out the key points
  • Motivating sequences to hang your message on
  • Changing focus and tone of voice for different customer segments
  • Optimising your call to action and response form
  • Serialising your message through relentless follow-up
  • The online/offline mix and the power of personal URLs
  • Using split tests to find the ultimate version of your mailer

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Writing for the web

How to give your visitors what they want, and keep them coming back:

  • Identifying your visitors by analysing their keywords
  • 5 ways to filter your keyword list, till only the best remain
  • Building a sitemap that gives the reader everything they need
  • SEO and Pay Per Click: the latest pros and cons
  • Is list building still effective, and what does it take to force an opt-in?
  • Keeping a web page focused on the most important action
  • Keeping the reader on your site till they find the info they need
  • Product pages and landing pages: what’s the difference?
  • How to bring visitors back to your site, using the rest of the web
  • Analytics and testing tools to learn from visitor behaviour

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Writing Regular Emails

How to tell stories that break down barriers, leading to high-value sales:

  • Building a list of raving fans who want to read your emails
  • Lead magnets and GDPR…the minefield of getting an email address
  • Setting the reader’s expectations from the moment they join
  • Story telling, and how to search your past for inspiration
  • Tying the story to your product…or building a story around it
  • 30 different angles to use, so you never fall into a rut
  • Where do you draw the line between personal and professional?
  • A lesson in subject lines (a trick I learned from a box of jaffa cakes)
  • HTML or plain text? At last, we can lay this to rest…
  • Getting past the spam filters and staying out of the junk box
  • Open rates, click-throughs and unsubscribes…how to act on the metrics

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Writing a press release

How to grab the spotlight, by sharing a story with local or national media:

  • Why journalists and editors are desperate to hear from you
  • Finding the human story that’s buried in your business
  • The 6 News Values that make your story worth reading
  • Making your story fit the media’s pet topics
  • 30 proven excuses to send out a press release
  • Formatting your release: layout, structure and language
  • Adapting your story or tone of voice for different media
  • Pitching and distributing your release, online and off
  • Tracking your release to see who’s picked up the story
  • How to get your name in a journalist’s book of go-to people

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Video Scripting

How to write informative videos, sales pitches and more:

  • Sale or relationship: what’s your video for?
  • Presentation formats: which is right for you?
  • How to generate ideas for your first 100 videos
  • Writing a video script that keeps the viewer hooked…
  • …and doesn’t tie the poor presenter up in knots!
  • The Sermon Rule: using stories to get your point across
  • Making the most of a green screen, without resorting to gimmicks
  • Mixing video with text: addition or duplication?
  • YouTube & Beyond: uploading and sharing your video
  • Using captions, annotations and call to action buttons

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People Say The Nicest Things…

Catherine Downes Director, Corporate Marketing University of East London

James, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU from myself and my colleagues for speaking at the CIM conference yesterday. I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say and picking up some tips. The feedback I received during the day was great.

Matthew Norman Commercial eLearning Development - Pembrokeshire College

After years of GCSEs, A Levels and other training, you assume you have to sound clever to win business. But you don't, you have to sound real. And that's the key point I'm going to take away from today.

Andrew O'Leary Director - F9 Films

Having experienced James’ training a number of times, I can say with complete assurance that he delivers a world class service. His style of delivery is relaxed yet professional and shows fantastic empathy with his audience.

So what do you need…?

Every training package is different. And so is every client’s reason for calling me in.

Some need a quick lesson – just the basics. Some need all the detail. Some need a refresher, for a team that’s starting to drift off course.

Whatever your reason, I can tailor a package – including back-up support, plus an online review with each trainee. All to make sure we get the result.

So – over to you…

If you need a trainer who can swoop in and make a rapid difference, get in touch.

I’m not saying you’ll never need a copywriter again…but you’ll definitely outsource less when your team can do it in-house.
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